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Transformation related links

The Husky's Cage Very cool Photo mainipulation/retouch TF artist his old site can be view here

A budding TF/Furry artist. Scalies are his forte'


Kewl photomanipulation guy :)

A japanese artist with a flair for TF. Seems to really like orcas too :)

"THE" Site for Rabbit and Rodent TF's

Lance Foxx's WEbsite

TF Writer and artist.

Mintz Buck's TF artwork


BlackRats new site. Great TF art.

Fox Cutter

Transformation and furry writer, Author of the "Fox in the works" series.

Choose Your Change.com

Huge Interactive story site. Covers most if not all TF interests. Some galleries, non interactive stories, updates, forum and chat. (so is it a portal site?)

The Source for TF News, Info, and Community

Trans-formation Board

Transfomation themed Forum mod'ed by Mitchell


A TF artist , has alot of adult themed and Unusual Transformation picutres

Red Tailed Hawks' Nest

RTH's webapge where his stories are kept as well as SeaCigar's Art

Dragon42's TF stories

Go there, you know you wanna

Provolvere's TF art site
Altered REalities Muck

*link not availible*

Docs lab. TF fiction and art.

Kanada's TF artwork

does cute anime-ish Transformation pics, also alot of pokemon type fan TFs
Gone all Wild. Online TF comics *adult!**
Gone all Wild

Online TF comics (*adult*)

TFSeekers Sightings

Think lots of links. and the "Encyclopedia Transfomrica". Good resource page.

Unchained Beast

Ox's Site for LArge animal TFs

Furry inanimate TF Group

Google Group for those interested in Furrys tranforming ito inaniomate objects(cars,planes, statues,furniture etc) . O.O Adult content.

Men Tf'ed into animals

Fairly active Yahoo Group for those interested in male animal Tf's. I beleive this one is adult in nature.

Brutal Beast Studio

Site for Bahamut, Hazard, Ranzab and Solid ASp

Wolf MAx

Wolf max'sart site, lot of werewolf type tf pics


Awesome Werewolf TF artist


cute style with cute critters

WERE & Furry related links

Jakkal/Pinky 's Personal site

One of my FAvorite artists.

Shifters.org Threianthrope resource
Gryf's site
Another artist I idloize. TF furry, graphics design .just WOW

Kemono Inukai

nothing short of Awesome. TF,furry and animal suit art.


For Weres by Weres
The all Furry Online Auction FurEAuction...an advance auction site for furry fantasy and more FURNATION..need i say more? FURNATION..need i say more?
Furry Oviposition Group
Yahoo Group for those interested in Furrys laying eggs . O.O Adult content.

"Vixen control Library

LArge archive of furry art and fiction



Jen "Spunky" Seng's Swinging site


Maglots werewolf (temp) art site

Benders Werewolves in Suburbia

Online Comics


My favorite online comic.

Black Tapestries

Online comic , epic adventure in a world of humans and animal people. A someone shifting in between them.

Urgent Transformation Crisis

The white Board

Anthropomorphic comic with heavy paintball influence ;)

Zebra Girl

Sort of a demoness heroine.

El Goonish Shive

shapeshifting and hightech gadgets.


one of furrys longest running and well known popular comics.
Fursuit related links
resources ,gatherings etc on fursuits!
One Fur All Studios SCribble Fox's Fursuit building business page ARend Studios Custom fursuit commisions
Other cool links
Wolf Haven
Wolf SAnctuary and Education center. Im a proud member
Bicylcle motocross racing :)

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